Leave it all to us…

Real Estate & Moving

For you to move into a peaceful new home.

We accompany you throughout the acquisition or rental procedures.
We assist you in receiving your belongings.
We coordinate with your movers and meet them upon arrival.
We organize the arrangement of your belongings onsite in compliance with your instructions.
We partner with professional home stagers and interior decorators for the finishing touches.
We arrange for furniture rental while you await your own.


Your children move into their new schooling system without unnecessary disruptions.

In order to assist you in the smooth transition of your children’s schooling, we contact the best schools, both private and public, and organize the necessary exchanges with you via mail and/or voice.
We ensure the registration of your children and undertake all necessary steps pertaining to their current school. We arrange tutorial support, and address commuting and meal arrangements.

Domestic Help

Your family can devote itself fully to its well-being.

In order to assist you in recreating a secure and serene home, we support you in the realm of childcare and janitorial staff.
We identify and pre-select au pairs, nannies and babysitters, and organize online or direct interviews with you.
We select gardeners and pool maintenance staff for your consideration.
We prepare contracts for your signature consistent with Swiss labour laws and regulations.
We undertake all necessary immigration procedures as required.

Administration & Logistics

You avoid the bureaucracy of moving.

We handle the complicated administrative features of your move with all necessary local authorities. We refer you to reputable tax advisors.
We arrange for vehicle importing, purchase or lease according to your instructions, prepare the necessary contracts, and arrange for personal discussions with retailers. We arrange for tax exemptions where relevant.
We refer you to leading home security companies and prepare the relevant documentation.


You enjoy your leisure and friends in your new home.

For you to combine your challenging new position with relaxation, we suggest sports clubs and other recreational centres consistent with your hobbies. We register you on trial basis before your arrival, or arrange for an initial visit.
We ensure the continuation of your children’s activities together with local sports clubs, music schools and other youth centres.
We partner with caterers and event managers for your housewarming functions.